UCLA Graduate & Post-Doctoral Researchers


Graduate students involved in the UCLA Middle School & High School Project are students from both Psychology and Education disciplines. Many of our graduate students have been involved with the project for numerous years and are essential in overlooking data collection and mentoring the undergraduate RA's. Not only are they highly dedicated to UCLA MSDP, but are emerging scholars in their field and leaders in their respective departments.

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Past Graduate Researchers

Asha Spivak

Bryan Thornton

Casey Knifsend

Cheri Hodson

Daisy Camacho

Erin Cue

Feliz Quiñones

Hye-Young Yun

Jenny Chow

Krystle Nunnally

Leah Lessard

Leslie Echols

Lupita Espinoza

Patrick Rock

Samantha White

Sophia Hoope

Talya Drescher

Xio Chen

Ylva Svensson

Hannah Schater

Jessica Morales-Chicas


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Danielle Smith

Joined Fall 2014 BA in Cognitive Neuroscience, Scripps College, 2007 MA in Education, Claremont Graduate University, 2009; PhD in Developmental Psychology, UCLA, in progress I examine development, risk and resilience, and wellbeing among marginalized groups--particularly sexual and gender minority youth. I am also broadly interested in intergroup relations, and how interpersonal connections impact broader group attitudes. Funding: Edwin W. Pauley Fellowship UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship