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Recent Publications


Cross-class Friendship and Academic Achievement in Middle School

Lessard, L. M., & Juvonen, J. (2019, May 16). Cross-Class Friendship and Academic Achievement in
Middle School. Developmental Psychology. Advance online publication.

Juvonen, J., Lessard, L., Shacter, H. L., & Enders, C. (2018). The Effects Of Middle School Weight Climate On Youth With Higher Body Weight. Journal of Research on Adolescents.

Lessard, L. M., & Juvonen, J. (2018). Friendless Adolescents: Do Perceptions of Social Threat Account for Their Internalizing Difficulties and Continued Friendlessness? Journal of Research on Adolescence,28(2), 277-283.

Losing and gaining friends: Does friendship instability compromise academic functioning in middle school?

Lessard, L. M., & Juvonen, J. (2018). Losing and gaining friends: Does friendship instability compromise academic functioning in middle school? Journal of School Psychology, 69, 143-153.

Schacter, H., & Juvonen, J. (2018). You’ve got a friend(ly school): Can school prosocial norms and friends similarly protect victims from distress? Journal of Social Development,27(3), 636-651.

Depressive Symptoms, Friend Distress, and Self-blame: Risk Factors for Adolescent Peer Victimization

Schacter, H.L. & Juvonen, J. (2017). Depressive symptoms, friend distress, and self-blame: Risk factors for adolescent peer victimization. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.Advance online publication. doi: 10.1016/j.appdev.2017.02.005

Smith, D. S., Schacter, H. L., Enders, C., & Juvonen, J. (2017). Gender Norm Salience Across Middle Schools: Contextual Variations in Associations Between Gender Typicality and Socioemotional Distress. Journal of Youth and Adolescence,47(5), 947-960.



Graham, S., Munniksma, A. & Juvonen, J. (in press). Psychosocial benefits of cross-ethnic friendships in urban middle schools. Child Development.


Knifsend, C. & Juvonen, J. (in press). Social identity complexity, cross-ethnic friendships, and intergroup attitudes in urban middle schools. Child Development.


Lanza, H.I, Echols, L., Graham, S. (2013). Deviating from the norm: Body mass index (BMI) differences and psychosocial adjustment among early adolescent girls. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 38, 376-86. 


Echols, L. (under revision). Friendship choices and victim reputations in middle school: It’s who you want to know. Developmental Psychology.


Echols, L. (under revision). Academic teaming in middle school: Do the social benefits outweigh the costs? Journal of Educational Psychology.


Spivak, A., White, S., Juvonen,J., & Graham, S.(in press). Correlates of prosocial behaviors in ethnically and racially diverse middle schools. Merrill Palmer Quarterly.

Juvonen, J., Lessard, L. M., Schacter, H. L., & Suchilt, L. (2016). Emotional Implications of Weight Stigma Across Middle School: The Role of Weight-Based Peer Discrimination. Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology,46(1), 150-158.

Echols, L., & Graham, S. (2016). For Better or Worse: Friendship Choices and Peer Victimization Among Ethnically Diverse Youth in the First Year of Middle School. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 45(9), 1862-1876. doi:10.1007/s10964-016-0516-0

Morales-Chicas, J., & Graham, S. (2016). Latinos’ Changing Ethnic Group Representation From Elementary to Middle School: Perceived Belonging and Academic Achievement. Journal of Research on Adolescence,27(3), 537-549.

Knifsend, C. A., Bell, A. N., & Juvonen, J. (2016). Identification with Multiple Groups in Multiethnic Middle Schools: What Predicts Social Ingroup Overlap? Journal of Youth and Adolescence,46(2), 317-327.



        Book Chapters



Graham, S., & Taylor, A. Z. (in press). An attributional approach to emotional life in the classroom. In R. Pekrun & Lisa Linnenbrink-Garcia (Eds), Handbook of emotions in education. London: Taylor & Francis.


Juvonen, J. (2013). Peer rejection among children and adolescents: Antecedents, reactions, and maladaptive pathways. In DeWall (Ed.), Handbook on social exclusion (101-111). Oxford University Press.


Juvonen, J., Espinoza, G., & Schacter, H. (in press). Bullying. In H. Friedman (Ed), Encyclopedia of Mental Health, Second Edition. Elsevier, Oxford, UK.







Chen, X. (2013). Cross-ethnic friendships and intergroup attitudes among Asian American adolescents. 


Echols, L.S. (2013). Victimization in the Middle School Context: Features of the Classroom Environment that Influence Social Status among Peers.


White, S.J.A.S. (2013). Prosocial conduct in urban middle schools: Do young adolescents' experiences of the school context matter? 


Master's Thesis: 

Knifsend, C (2012). Extracurricular involvement , friendships, and social development in ethnically diverse middle schools.




 Other Publications    


Juvonen, J., & Graham, S. (in press). Bullying in school: The power of bullies and the plight of the victims. Annual Review of Psychology.


Juvonen, J., Wang, Y., & Espinoza, G. (2013). Physical aggression, spreading of rumors, and social prominence in early adolescence: Reciprocal effects supporting gender similarities? Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 42, 1801-10.


Schacter, H., White, S., Chang, V., & Juvonen, J. (in press). “Why me?’: Characterological self-blame and continued victimization in the first year of middle school. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

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