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The SAT and ACT are the standardized exams necessary for college admission. The thought of taking such important exams can be scary but with proper preparation you can enter the exam room confident and ready to knock it out of the park. Check out the links below for information about the exams and how you can start preparing!

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What are the SAT & ACT?


  • The SAT and ACT are two standardized exams commonly required by colleges for admission. 


What's the difference between the two?



When should I take them?


  • Most students take the exam during the spring of their junior year.


How do I register?



How much do they cost?


  • Registering for the SAT costs $46 w/o the essay and $60 with the essay portion. Click here for information about SAT fee waivers. The ACT w/o the writing section is $42.50 and with writing is $58.50. Click here for information about ACT fee waivers.



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