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Welcome back to the UCLA Middle School and High School Diversity Project. This is the 

second issue of our yearly newsletter for school administrators that will keep you informed about the study. Just to remind you, about 6,000 students, some from middle schools and high schools in your district, are taking part in this important and timely study. 


Our newsletter, UCLA Middle and High School Project, is published once a year and will provide updates about progress in the study.


In this issue we focus on three sets of findings emerging from the middle school phase of the study. All of our findings have racial/ethnic diversity of students and schools as core features. The first two articles focus on the important functions of cross-ethnic friendships. The second article documents that cross ethnic friendships can lead to improved attitudes about members of different ethnic groups. The third article turns to physical development to explore the social consequences for girls who deviate from the body weight norms of their own ethnic group. 

UCLA Middle and High School Project District Newsletter 2018
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